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Ahmed Harika, politician, alderman in the district Noord

"I was born in Morocco and came to the Netherlands in 1986, when I was 19 years old, through family reunification. I'm one of the children of the first generation of migrant workers; my father had worked here since years by the time I came here. Ever since I came to the Netherlands I have tried to participate: I learned the language as well as a profession. I got interested in politics because I saw things happening in my environment that I wanted to influence myself. That way I became a member of GroenLinks in 1993. I entered district politics because this is the political institution that is closest to the inhabitants. I like to work with people. The most important thing about my work here is to cooperate with the inhabitants, old inhabitants and migrants alike."

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Rotterdam, April MMVI, lith print on transparent film.
(c) Samuli Schielke